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Individualized, Long Term Approach

We create, implement, and monitor diversified portfolios for individuals.

Our investment objective is to help you reach your long-term investment goals. We work closely with you to develop a plan that is customized as well as transparent and understandable to you.


Take on Appropriate Risk Necessary to Achieve your Goals

We all want a positive investment experience and avoiding unnecessary risk is key to achieving that objective. Within a goal based framework we target specific rate of return objectives. A key to controlling risk and maintaining a long term planning framework is to align the amount of short term volatility with the timing of your future cash flow needs. We will define your future cash flow needs initially during our comprehensive financial planning sessions.

Diversification is Key

Our investment approach is guided by the knowledge that asset class diversification is a major contributor to portfolio variability. We hold diversified positions within various assets classes to create a portfolio intended to achieve a desired rate of return. We believe asset class rebalancing is critical to reducing the overall portfolio risk and variability.

Individually Delivered Investment Solutions

Academic research has demonstrated that neither market timing nor individual security selection can consistently add value to your long-term performance objectives. We attempt to combine various assets classes in the least expensive form possible to achieve your long-term goals. We are not adherents to passive only or active only strategies, but will utilize indexing as well as actively managed strategies to provide you with the best possible chance of realizing your investment goals.


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